This is a hard creamy textured cheese, made with cows milk, matured for several months and then cold smoked over apple wood chips to give it a unique subtle aroma and taste. 

This was the first hard cheese I made, and is a firm family favourite. 

Cheese with Chives

This is a semi hard cheese made with cows milk, is mild and creamy and  as it ages it becomes firmer and crumbly. This versatile cheese is great in hot savoury dishes as well as earning its place on the cheese board. 

Cheese with Chillies

This hot creamy hard cheese was created for those individuals who like a bit of spice in their life! 

Another great addition to a cheese board.

Cheese with Cranberries

Last but not least is this lovely hard cheese infused with dried and sweetened cranberries.  Like all of the Julie's Pantry range of cheeses it is creamy in texture. Every bite is a mixture of sweet and savoury. 

How the cheese is made

All of my cheese's are hand made in small batches, with all of the love and attention I can give to produce a unique and flavoursome high quality product. 

Cheese making is the process of removing water, lactose and some minerals from milk to produce a concentrate of milk fat and protein. The essential ingredients for cheese are milk, rennet, starter cultures and salt. The curds are formed by adding rennet that causes the milk proteins to aggregate at a certain pH; then, it is cut into small pieces. Then, the whey (mostly water and lactose) begins to separate from the curds. Acid production by the unique selection of bacterial culture is essential to aid in the expulsion of whey from the curd and largely determines the final moisture, flavor and texture of the final cheese. 

Julie's Pantry cheese is made using pasteurised milk, so can be eaten by all individuals. 

Please be advised that vegetarian rennet is used.

All cheese is sold subject to availability. 

Where Can I try Julie's Pantry Cheeses

Sir Harold Hillier Gardens

Now supplying the smoked, chive and chilli varieties of cheese to this wonderful venue. Visit to see how it is being used in wonderful creative dishes. 

Where Can I buy the cheese

You  can buy the cheese at the Villiage store in Selborne, Hampshire. This lovely store is open seven days a week. The store offers a wide range of local produce that goes lovely with cheese including local bread and other produce. 

You can also Contact me to arrange a visit to buy the cheese direct from Julie's Pantry (by appointment weekends only)