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Artisan Cheese Maker

Several Years ago I began making cheese, starting with soft cheese and extending my expertise to enable me to create a range of my own semi-hard and hard Cheeses, as you can image I was very popular with family and friends, in 2017 I obtained environmental health permission to sell my cheese,  which I now sell locally from my home.  If you are interested in finding out more about the range of cheese I make please click on the link below. 

Cheese for Sale

Mobile Cheese Making Classes for Beginners

I am a real "foodie", I am a home trained cook committed to sharing my knowledge and skills with others.  I love to share my cheese making passion with others. 

As well as making my own range of semi-hard cheese I offer mobile chesse classes for beginners to share the joy of being able to make your own cheese at your own home.

Classes are given in a relaxed manner, I bring all of the equipment needed. All you need to buy is the milk.

These classes take a minimum of 3 hours so if you would like to experiance the joy of making your own cheese contact me to make arrangements and confirm availability.

Cookery Classes